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Apr 10, 2014
TMT28  F
Project X0  
regular season "A"
Braddock Park#7
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04/10/14 20:00
04/10 : TMT teaches a lesson to Project X 28-0

TMT improves to 1-0-1 early in the season, while Project X drops to 0-1.

The victory gets TMT back on the winning track after a tying their last game.

This was the first meeting between these two teams.

Gametime temperature was a moderate 64 degrees under clear skies.

Next up for TMT is 7 PT Spread (0-0). That game is scheduled for Apr 17 2014, 20:00 at Centreville HS#1.

Project X will face off against Triple Crown (0-2) on Apr 17 2014, 22:00 at Braddock Park#7.


04/10/14 21:14
Wow.. Welcome to the A league lol


04/10/14 21:58
How did Fred do??


04/10/14 22:42
Saw him run some routes, no catches


04/10/14 22:51
X got smacked down...


04/10/14 22:54
Fred Davis play? Can`t get off those trees

Please Post ur real name

04/11/14 12:17
Kamal blew him.... Don`t be scared post who u are


04/11/14 12:30
So your a gay nba player posting on this flag message board..

Mike T 56

04/14/14 09:27
Nothing like starting a season and the first play on D as a LB, you look across and Fred Davis is in the slot lol. I look forward to playing you all again when we can gel a little. That said, we lost to a real good team.


04/14/14 09:49
TMT knows how to stack the team with the NFL

my view

04/14/14 10:04
Respect to Kamal if he can get these guys out there, why wouldn`t you?

As for Fred Davis...not a good look bro...you seriously had the potential to be one of the best TE`s in the game and your playing flag football.

^ ^

04/14/14 13:20
a bunch of x nfl guys and redskins have played flag football. I believe Macho Harris played alittle and chris cooley too.


04/14/14 14:02
Antwan Randel El was out there too


visiting commissioner

04/14/14 14:07
Yeah, in our league we`ve seen:

Macho Harris (pre-Redskins)
Antwan Randel-El (post NFL)
Logan Paulsen (lockout)
and now Fred Davis

BTW - Richmond has had it`s share of NFL players too, including some guy named Russell Wilson and former Sugar Bowl MVP Bryan Still


04/14/14 15:09
A lot of NFL players play flag during off season, Steve Smith does it every year.. It`s a good way to keep playing and not get hurt.


04/14/14 15:55
didnt Steve Smith break his arm playing?

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