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May 29, 2014
TMT28  F
Project X16  
postseason "A"
Centreville HS#1
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05/29/14 20:30
05/29 : TMT defeats Project X 28-16

TMT improves to 1-0 in the postseason, while Project X exits at 1-1.

The victory continues a 7 game winning streak for TMT which now stands at 8 wins in a row.

The loss comes on the heels of a Project X victory in their last game.

Prior to this game, these teams had met only one other time, on Apr 10 2014, 20:00, a Fairfax County Flag Football League "A" regular season game which TMT won 28-0.

Gametime temperature was a cool 59 degrees under overcast skies.


05/30/14 11:23
no surprise there. Actually impressed that X put up 16, can only assume TMT was coasting in the 2nd half


05/30/14 11:31
It was over in the first half and the last touchdown X scored was with 5 seconds on the clock

yo yo

05/30/14 12:59
STFU with your excuses, you guys lost,carry on! This game was a joke, everyone knew TMT would win.Ronnie Is the biggest loser in this league


05/30/14 13:11
This guy really said COULD HAVE been a whole other game! smh


05/30/14 13:13
hahaha, isnt it always a play or two that went the wrong way.

Proj X should go back down to B

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