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Sep 18, 2014
regular season "A"
Braddock Park
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09/18/14 20:00
09/18 : TMT sinks Project X 21-14

TMT starts the season with a win, while Project X drops one in the loss column.

These teams are very familiar with one another, having now played 5 times. TMT currently owns a 5 game winning streak in this rivalry. Their previous contest occured in a IFFL Sunday Night Summer League "Open" playoff game Aug 27 2014, 21:00, which TMT won 34-12. Overall, TMT is 5-0 against Project X.

Next up for Project X is The Villains (0-0). That game is scheduled for Sep 25 2014, 20:00 at Braddock Park.

TMT will face off against Primetime (0-0) on Sep 25 2014, 20:00 at Centreville HS stadium.


09/20/14 09:28
Project X got robbed. Ref made a goal-line call from 50 yards away. Calling a flag pull on the 1 ft line to take away game tying TD


09/20/14 11:50


09/20/14 14:36
has Proj X gottn that much better? I remember them being terrible last season or was it more TMT was down guys


09/20/14 14:55
First of all TMT is 5-0 against project x. Zach the qb didnt come till halftime. Shut up and move on, Project X is some Sh*t. Complaining that you shouldve tied it!? smh

Project X

09/20/14 15:53
Yes TMT is 5-0 against us but that doesn`t change the fact that we scored and it wasn`t called. Last time i checked its not our fault if the other team is short handed. We would have went for 2 for sure. Yes we where some **** in the past. We have only been together for 1 season and make shift team for the summer. But as our performance showed we are much better. only the season will tell how good.
and when i checked they scored more when zach wasnt there threw 2 int and only 1 td.


09/20/14 16:10
Posters kill me ya all over TMT like ya play for them. If you did you would post bc ya are the champs and so good. clearly if Project experiment came down to the last play with them it was a good game.

Great game TMT and much luck X


09/20/14 17:07
First of all that last play was not a TD, and Ron how can you make that call when you were fifty yards away as well? The body(flags)have to be in the end zone not the ball, you guys definitely look better this year and the game was very close. But don`t sit here and say we played better before Zach came to the game because you as a qb can`t compare to him. Move on and get over it, it`s the beginning of the season there`s a long way to go.. We were so short at the game last night because when I sent out the group text about the game and when i told them we play project x, 70% of our team said there is no point in showing up cause ya`ll some sh*t..


09/20/14 17:49
You better hope I don`t get another shot at you. It won`t be fun for you.


09/20/14 19:58
We will see you fools again and see who has the better qb. And guess what? It aint close.


09/20/14 21:00
We will see who the better qb is next time.

Smells bad

09/21/14 07:11
TMT coach so you saying the ball was in the endzone but not his hips and the ref was 50 yards away. Thats a hard call in slow mo not alone live action.


09/21/14 07:23
Im saying it doesnt make a difference that game isn`t a playoff game and next time we play them I will make sure we have a full roster. But yes it was a VERY VERY close call but anyone who plays in this league would know that his hips did not cross the goal line.

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