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Nov 13, 2013
postseason "A" semifinal
Centreville HS#2
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11/13/13 20:30
11/13 : Collision wins A semifinal vs TMT 21-10

Collision improves to 2-0 in the postseason, while TMT exits at 1-1.

The victory continues a 2 game winning streak for Collision which now stands at 3 wins in a row.

This is the fewest points scored in a game this season by TMT. The loss ends a 8 game winning streak for TMT.

This was the first meeting between these two teams.

Gametime temperature was a frigid 28 degrees under clear skies.

Too funny

11/14/13 07:57
I wonder if DJ got ejected from this game too lmfao

@Too funny

11/14/13 08:35
dj played fine and was not ejected. leave the dude alone.

tmt #10

11/14/13 08:36
good game collision, we almost had the game if it wasnt for that one play


11/14/13 10:01
damn...could called this ish. No chance TMT would beat them


11/14/13 10:06
ya know normally I wouldn`t laugh, but for all the sh*t these guys were talking about how great they are...and to sh*t the bed by 11 points??? HAHA...Not even laughing at TMT, but for all you messageboard losers that bought into the hype. Stay in your lane, shut up, and just play ball. Results speak much louder than words. I predict a relatively quiet messageboard going forward.


11/14/13 10:19
Great game Collision, congrats on the win. You guys gave us a look on offense we had never seen before and clearly weren`t prepared for. Good luck in the ship and see you guys in the future.


11/14/13 10:37
good game TMT. You guys got a good team I`m sure we`ll see you again.

Rumor is

11/14/13 11:58
Collision teaming with GF to make a run at states. Bring that ship back to 703!

who cares

11/14/13 12:05
that will do nothing but dilute the talent. I predict their gone in round 1.

Yeah ok

11/14/13 12:32
Collision gonna play GF in champ but that combined team will be 1 and done at states? Not! Even Issac hitched a ride on that train bc he know SC cant win **** without Manny and company. They own the league and soon the state, period.


11/14/13 14:17
I know he is "hitching a ride" at states this year over putting his own team SC in A


11/14/13 14:41
SC ain`t going bc Issac won`t put his own team in A. Easier to hitch a ride with the better team which is Manny and company. Man I gotta stop typing...I think I just hurt myself


11/14/13 14:54
what is the recap from the game?


11/14/13 16:09
you will hear from them next season...wonder if DJ will make a comment. He sure does talk about the message board on the field


11/14/13 16:38
I`ve heard some things that DJ`s out, after this winter. DJ can you clarify?

Who will you guys talk about next season if he`s gone?


11/14/13 16:55
Yea DJ will be moving to florida so he is done....

It`s a shame

11/14/13 17:00
all you guys are bashing DJ. If you have the nerves to talk trash to him, why won`t you say it to his face?

I`ve nevered played with him but played against him and he`s a good dude. Sometimes lose a little control and talks a lot but so does everyone else in this league. Give the man some props, he must be doing something right to have all these people talking about him.

DJ, keep being you man and f the haters. I hate playing against you but you cool in my book.


11/14/13 17:52
just like TMT has all these people talking about them....a lot of time its the players themselves


11/15/13 09:04
"you okay in my book?" who the hell are you? DJ is a loud mouth, whiney little b i t c h. I`m glad his a s s is gone. He did nothing but mouth off to the refs, who are the best in the state, and who ref our games because they enjoy it. A holes like DJ do nothing for this league. Good riddence, you f a g.

^^ u mad bro?

11/15/13 09:44
First off, our refs are DECENT to say the least, I love our league but even Tom knows are refs can be bad at times too but they`re on his payroll so that`s for tom to deal with;

As for DJ, TO EACH IS OWN; u sound like another BIITCH made PUSSIEE he used to beat on everytime you played against him



SC #21

Your turn B I T C H

7 PT Spread

11/15/13 10:29
Y`all closets be goin in on DJ like he did something to y`all personally. Let that man live. It`s getting old to the point it`s not even a funny read...


11/15/13 12:34
If anyone is trying to hitch on it is me!. Wahoo! Cant beat em, join em.


11/15/13 12:44
miller its almost state time are you still having bad dreams about that Firm rusher that handled you all game???? LOL


11/15/13 13:03
it was the only time we have seen Miller pee himself...besides every Saturday Night after he`s had a couple


11/15/13 13:18
yea that dude was solid on Dline and tore him up all game


11/15/13 13:18
Gameface (-3.5) in the championship. If Miler wasn`t on the team, or doesn`t play it moves to (-5.5)


11/15/13 13:34
Who is miller running with at national & states? Wewe or Gameface? Old qb Chuck or new qb Manny??? Who you pick miller?


11/15/13 13:40
miller told me i couldnt even carry Mannys jock so he is running with them


11/15/13 14:36
hahahah or chucky you abandoned me! I thought we had something. Seriously though, in all fairness Manny and them wouldnt want me to leave to play with Chuck and them and Im sure the guys on Chucks tean wouldn`t want me to come play with them.

Yes that guy from the Firm was a beast, best rusher I have every faced. And no I am not talking about the guy with the long dreads. http://www.vffa.com/gallery/20123/16931/36433 he is the dude with the Patriots beanie on.

I will give credit where it is due...


11/22/13 09:00
this game might of been the real ship after all.

mayor ford

11/22/13 11:21
Don`t necessarily agree with that but playing two tough games against 7pt and TMT definitely helped collision in the championship

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