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May 05, 2014
regular season "A"
Lake Braddock HS#1
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05/05/14 21:00
05/05 : TMT breezes by Collision 30-7

TMT improves to 4-0-1 on the season, while Collision drops to 3-1.

The victory continues a 3 game winning streak for TMT which now stands at 4 wins in a row.

The loss ended a 3 game winning streak for Collision. .Prior to this game, these teams had met only one other time, on Nov 13 2013, 20:30, a Fairfax County Flag Football League "A" playoff semifinal game which Collision won 21-10.

Next up for Collision is GameFace (3-0-1). That game is scheduled for May 07 2014, 22:00 at Lake Fairfax#4.

TMT will face off against WhoopDiddy! (4-1) on May 08 2014, 20:00 at Braddock Park#7.

hold up

05/05/14 23:23
I mean I honestly had TMT winning, but it was by a field goal.. WHAT IN THE HEYLLLL HAPPENENED HERE?


05/06/14 01:15
collision was up at half 7-3. was a close game until about midway through the 2nd half when it was 10-7, tmt got a stop, and scored to make it 17-7. then scored a few garbage td`s after that


05/06/14 06:44
Honestly it was 17-7 final...the result didn`t fully describe the outcome; collision threw an INT in the TMT endzone & then TMT goes down the field & scores off a DJ throw, 17-7


05/06/14 07:45
Lol Stfu with this coulda woulda shoulda scarp. TMT stopped yall that`s what really happened


05/06/14 08:09
Someone exposed these guys. They`re not good, just very organized. Not athletic at all, I knew TMT would stomp them out LOL


05/06/14 09:26
Ints means great defense, you can`t justify a lost like that. I saw the game and you can easily argue that Collisions first and only touchdown was a garbage touchdown!


05/06/14 09:35
OK for all you MORONS who can`t understand the difference between lost and loss:

"We lost that game because TMT is way more athletic than us."

"That was a terrible loss. I wish DJ played on our team."

any questions?


05/06/14 10:03
Since when is this English class? Shut up!


05/06/14 19:11
How many guys did collision have?


05/06/14 20:25
They had a full squad. Had all of their main players as well. It was a close game that just got out of hand in the second half


05/07/14 08:59
Yeah i can see that by the 27 points you let up. Thanks captain obvious.

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