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Nov 16, 2014
TMT34  F
postseason "A" championship
EC Lawrence #1
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11/16/14 12:00
11/16 : TMT wins A championship vs Collision 34-7

TMT improves to 1-0 in the postseason, while Collision exits at 0-1.

The victory continues a 14 game winning streak for TMT which now stands at 15 wins in a row.

Coupled with a loss in their previous game Collision is now on a two game slide.

These teams are very familiar with one another, having now played 6 times. TMT has now won the last two matchups. Their previous contest occured in a Fairfax County Flag Football League "A" regular season game Nov 09 2014, 09:00, which TMT won 7-6. Overall, the teams are an even 3-3 against each other.

Next up for TMT is 7 PT Spread (5-3). That game is scheduled for Nov 20 2014, 20:00 at Centreville HS stadium.


11/17/14 11:21
well damn.. Congrats TMT!


11/17/14 13:33
congrats TMT, we may need to come out of retirement to get our crown back. #Agent0comesbackhome haha

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