Summer 2014 Registration Information

Click Here to visit the Fairfax Weeknight Summer League site

The IFFL 2014 Sunday Night Summer season will start Sunday June 22nd. Sunday night teams have 8 guaranteed games including playoffs.

Games are played Sunday nights starting at 8:00 PM on turf fields in Fairfax.

About Our League:

We`ve been around for almost 20 years. Our officials have 10+ experience officiating flag football and The VFFA State Tournament. We pay our officials more - you get what you pay for. We keep player stats, and we pay stat takers to do it. We record EVERY game. We don`t expect the teams to handle that in addition to everything else. We offer a robust payment system where players can pay online and coaches can set auto-invoicing. Coaches get a weekly accounting update, and auto-notifications as payments are made to their team account. We offer a much better product at a much lower price.


Sunday Night Men: Teams can play in "A", "B" or "C" divisions depending on preferred level, assuming we have enough teams for a division split. This league will keep individual player STATS.

Team fees cover everything (officiating, county fees, awards, insurance, etc..) - but does not cover the $30 per player fee assessed by the county for non-county residents on your team roster. That will be invoiced separately.

The non-county fee is WAIVED for any active duty member of the military.

Deposit is $400 [click here to pay] and register your team! Individual players can always pay any portion towards their team fee on the payment page (so coaches do not have to run around collecting). Coaches can set up auto-invoicing to players, so players are messaged by the site what they owe and a payment link to pay.


You may carry up to 22 players on your team roster. Each player must have the address field filled out on the online roster (through coach access). If you cannot submit an online roster, you can email the league via the contact link and request a roster form to complete and mail in, or send online. Players may switch teams prior to week 3 games, but may not play for more than one team during a single week. After roster lock (prior to week 3 games) players may not switch teams.

Player(s) may be rostered on both Sunday night and FCFFL weeknight teams, but not on 2 different teams within the same league.