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Nobody gets paid in this league. Win or lose, you still have to go back to your day job.
Thank you to those who have come to our page to write on our guestbook. We appreciate your thoughts on how much we suck.
Top Rivals
opponentrec vsstreak
Pain(11-3)W 3
The Truth(10-3)W 8
Triple Crown(4-7)L 1
7 PT Spread(5-4-1)W 5
Wolves(4-4-2)W 2
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Team Location
Fairfax, VA
Recent Seasons
2016 Summer
Fairfax County Flag Football League(0-2)
2015 Fall
Fairfax County Flag Football League(7-0)
2014 Fall
Fairfax County Flag Football League(6-1)
2014 Summer
IFFL Sunday Night Summer League(4-2)
2014 Spring
Fairfax County Flag Football League(7-1)
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